LMS addio?

Barby3“I Learning Management System creano un giardino murato in un’era in cui i muri stanno cadendo.
Perchè non usare il vero internet e la vera tecnologia internet piuttosto che delle artificiose semplificazioni?”
Ne parla Jay Cross, autore del libro Informal Learning.

L’articolo di Jay Cross prende spunto da un paper europeo di Christian Dalsgaard: Social software: E-learning beyond learning management systems, che ha attirato l’interesse di molti edubloggers americani, da Alan Levine a Jane Heart a George Siemens.

Questo, in sintesi, il punto di vista di Jay:

Jay CrossSocial software – the blogs, wikis, tags, and feeds we cover in our unworkshops – can help facilitate an approach to e-learning which differs from using learning management systems and which better supports self-governed, problem-based and collaborative activities.’

Lo stesso Dalsgaard scrive:

DalsgaardThe approach uses social software technologies to empower students in their self-governed activities. Students are directed at solving a problem, and the purpose is to provide students with tools which they can use to solve problems on their own and in collaboration with other students. Self-governed, problem-based and collaborative activities call for tools which support construction, presentation, reflection, collaboration, and tools for finding people and other resources of relevance to their problem. Using social software to support self-governed activities necessitates a different organization of e-learning than the sole use of an LMS.